Thursday, April 17, 2008

The word is out (or in)

Just an hour and a half after John and I got back from Hartford Hospital, my oncologist called to tell me that my PET/CT still shows no evidence of tumors--I'm still in remission! It's just starting to really sink in today. I'm sitting at my computer looking at the same beautiful spring scene as I wrote about on Tuesday, though it's going to be warmer today and I'm going to start building my little labyrinth.

I am very grateful.



Leola said...

I'm so glad to hear this May! I just had a little feeling the other day that all would be well. Take Care. Enjoy the spring. Our crocus are blooming here out in the prairie. It's all good.

Polyxena said...

Great news, May! NED is a great person to spend time with.

May Terry said...

Thanks, Southie! We have crocus, daffodils, etc. It's so pretty :-)

And thanks to you, Anne. NED and I seem to be doing well together!


Victoria said...

Wonderful news May!

May Terry said...

Thanks, Victoria--I'm still digesting the news!

veralucia said...

I am sooooo happyfor you!

May Terry said...

Thank you so much, Vera. I know you're struggling with the Beast, too, and I wish you the best.


artbylmr said...

That is great news!!
Enjoy your garden and see the beauty in a new light!


May Terry said...

Thanks, Lynne :-)