Friday, April 18, 2008

Beginning the labyrinth

Well, considering how big my three-course labyrinth is, I'm amazed I ever thought I could fit a seven-course in the yard. The paths would have to have been awfully small.

I realize this picture is hard to focus on...what you're seeing is part of the line that will ultimately be covered by arkose rocks (red sandstone that I painstakingly collected from Manchester, Connecticut), which will form the borders of the paths. A few stones are holding down the clothesline I'm using.

Geez, the labyrinth is a confusing geometric figure. The first time I did it all wrong, since I followed my drawing incorrectly. (You can click here to see how a seven-course is drawn; the three-course only has the cross and the four dots.) I was out there for several hours just doing this. When I finish, the paths will be two feet wide, minus the amount taken up by the stones. My plan is to fill in the walking spaces with a dark color mulch, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, I'll post another pic when I get more done!

With metta,

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