Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In my mind...or not

A decades-old James Taylor song below. Ya gotta love him, at least I think so. Found it on the CaaT artists' site on ning.com, and just had to spread the good feeling.

Even though it's in the fifties today, I'm not going anywhere (warmer) in my mind. My PET/CT is tomorrow. It'll show whether or not there's any progression in my breast cancer. I'm hoping, of course, that there isn't; I can do practically everything I want now (well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration) on Navelbine, my current chemo, and I hope I don't have to change just yet. Of course, I'm a little unsettled, even though I know that whatever is, is, and no amount of worrying on my part will change it. I'm human, though, so of course I have to do a little work to stay in the present and not get anxious. Fortunately, despite the rather cool temperatures, it's a beautiful day here, and I can see, among other things, forsythia in bloom and bright blue skies . Life is good.

With metta,


Leola said...

Sending positive energy your way May. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. All will go well :) Leola

May Terry said...

Thanks, Leola. It helps to know people care.


Anonymous said...

Yes healing energy is good. I send you some everyday!Luv ya!!!!!!

May Terry said...

Thanks, Dan...hey, keep in touch! I wonder what's happening with you.

Love back,