Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am sitting in front of my computer in early evening, listening to John Rutter anthems. I have goose bumps on my arms.

It isn't chilly. It's the Rutter. There are few things in life that still give me goose bumps, but choral music hasn't lost its magic.

There's a Yahoo group for people to post their own poetry. It might be fun. Once I run out of my repertoire, it might give me the creative boost I need. I feel like such a lump lately. No art, no poetry, no music.

But there is the I suppose all is not lost. I am thankful to the still unknown creator for this beautiful spring.



Polyxena said...

I agree - John Rutter is stunning! Goosebumps all over!

May Terry said...

Yes--the Gloria is one of my all-time favorites!

artbylmr said...

May, I will have to check out John Rutter! I am a classic Rock buff so I tend to miss out on some of the finer things.

Seems we have jumped from Winter to Summer for a couple weeks here in NY. My latest painting class is wrapping up so I will be left to my own devices this summer.

Sometimes you just have to let the creative juices percolate a bit and come back strong.


May Terry said...

Hi Lynne,

Connecticut went from rather cool to rather warm pretty quickly too. I hope it's as beautiful there as it is here.

I think you're right about just sort of waiting out the creative dry spell. Can't force it!


Wild Thread Studio said...

Going to check out John Rutter now....always up for some new inspirational music...

May Terry said...

Hope you enjoy, Denise. I keep finding more of his stuff that I love!