Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ooze blues

I was just blog-surfing, and found one whose writer calls herself "wifey to my hot husband", and adds that she wishes she "could spend all her time scrappin [sic]", instead of working at her part-time job as an accountant's assistant. I'm afraid my life is quite dull by comparison, which is why you haven't heard from me lately.

I should stop being nasty. We're all buddhas, supposedly, but sometimes I just can't resist.

I've been very tired lately, having difficulty with even the short walks John and I usually take. Yesterday we took a walk at a state park in Cromwell that has a number of blazed trails. We took the main trail, which has a brief hike up to a bluff that overlooks the Connecticut River. It was beautiful, but I was wiped out almost before I started. I haven't worked for a couple of weeks, either.

I'm pretty sure that I'm hypothyroid, which is what my thyroid tests indicated, but the endocrinologist wants to wait and retest before treating me. That will basically mean I won't get any relief from the fatigue until at least July. It's gorgeous here, and I want to get to the woods and beach, not sit here and uncharitably make fun of other people's blogs, even if they are goofy.

Anyway, hope y'all are well out there.


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artbylmr said...

Hi May! How luck you are to have so many nice trails around. I need to take more advantage of what Central NY has to offer.

I hope you are able to continue your walks. Nothing is better for the soul than fresh air and sunshine.