Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is the photo I referred to of Jim Stidfole, one of the Hygienic Art Gallery's directors, along with his papier mache likeness. I think it's wonderful. If I were Jim, I'd buy it (the sculpture, not John's photo).

On the way out, we passed the "crime scene" below on the sidewalk. My kind of humor.

I found out at my chemo on Thursday that my BUN and creatinine, which are kidney function tests, are elevated. My oncologist was talking of possibly having to stop my Zometa, but I don't see why my diabetes meds can't be changed instead. I've decided to call Dr. Schauer (the oncologist) this week and mention that to him. Unfortunately, since I'm being seen at the Brownstone Clinic for my diabetes treatment, I doubt that there'll be any coordinated decision between the onc and the endocrinologists. I may fool with the meds myself, which I'll discuss with Dr. Schauer. I can cut the metformin, which strains the kidneys, in half, and up the insulin. That will probably prevent me from having to go off the Zometa.

I'm enjoying my online study of Buddhism, which can be very complicated but in essence is very simple. I'm trying to practice my meditation without judgment (as in, oh, damn, there I go again, thinking). It all fits very well with my endeavor to live every day.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the photos. And kind of humour also LOL
Leola (southshoreartist)

May Terry said...

Thanks, Leola. Most people didn't even notice the terrible crime as they walked by! :-)